For over 10 decades, VMC Group has been recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection products.

Our comprehensive product and engineering solutions cover a variety of industries – HVAC, industrial/vehicular, OEM and military/aerospace. Our full range of spring, elastomeric architectural mounts, wire rope isolators, curbs and bases are proven to meet and exceed specifications for any seismic, non-seismic, shock, or even bomb blast application. 

VMC Group’s project managers and engineers are best known for working closely with our customers to exceed their expectations in the design, development and manufacturing of solutions for a specific application need. Whether the challenge is to solve a vibration isolation issue for a new piece of equipment or manage a seismic energy spec for a building structure, your VMC team works closely with your project group to engineer solutions to ensure years of superior resilience and isolation integrity.

We call this philosophical approach The Power of Together™, and it defines the partnering relationship you can expect when you work with our firm. We are in it with you. That’s why our company and each of our brands have emerged as and continue to be world leaders. 


VMC Group comprises four global brands and two global companies that collectively represent state-of-the-art solutions for vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection.

Vibration Mounting & Controls 

Innovative vibration isolation and seismic control products and solutions for the HVAC and construction industries. 


Aeroflex International Isolators 

Mission critical certified products and solutions for leading companies in the military, aerospace and defense industries. 


Korfund Dynamics 

Cutting-edge products and solutions for global leaders in the industrial machinery, construction equipment and power generation industries. 



Innovative vibration isolation and seismic control products and solutions for the HVAC and construction industries. 

Our Approach 

Your VMC Group Integrated Product Team includes a project lead and members from our manufacturing and engineering staff committed to working together with you. In fact, everything our company provides you – committed people, best industry practices, leading-edge technology, innovative products and solutions and a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Bloomingdale, NJ - is a direct result of our commitment to seamlessly work with your project team through all aspects of design, development and manufacturing. 

The Power of Together™ 

VMC Group’s philosophical approach is rooted by a single word. Together. It solves the most challenging problems. Meets the toughest timelines. And gives us confidence as we explore new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We believe that profoundly more effective solutions result when talented, professional individuals make that most vital of commitments – to each other.  That’s why we embrace every new customer challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate The Power of Together™ – an opportunity to work as one, to create ingenious solutions that expand the frontier of what is possible. 

Our Mission 

Through the dedication of our employees and the high-level performance of our products, VMC consistently seeks to exceed customers’ expectations in design, development and manufacturing of vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection solutions for the defense, aerospace, construction, HVAC, power generation and industrial markets.

In the market sectors in which we compete, VMC will consistently go the extra distance to anticipate customers’ business and technological requirements, understand and solve customer problems and ensure that we add value to the customers’ bottom line.