VMC Group CCA Series Circular Arch Isolators are made of captive, flexible wire rope elements with upper and lower attachment plates. The stranded-wire rope elements provide a high degree of damping with measurable predictable shock and vibration isolation performance. Designed to protect sensitive equipment in severe environments, the CCA Series are ideal for isolating subcomponents inside of various types of equipment.

The CCA Series circular arch isolators consist of stainless steel, standard wire ropes. Wire ropes on CCA models are connected to zinc-plated, low carbon steel mounting discs. The isolators offer three-plane, all-axes isolation that permits use in any attitude - vertically, horizontally and laterally. The isolators offer excellent shock attenuation with low frequency, high vibration isolation damping in a failsafe design. Standard spaced washers prevent the isolator coils from moving upward, under load, above the plane of the upper mounting disc - an effect know as heart-shaping. These corrosion resistant isolators will resist ozone, oil, grease, sand, salt spray and organic solvents - meeting any environmental challenge. The CCA Series work well over a wide range of temperatures. The CCA Series are wire-bonded into aluminum plates. Temperature range: -65⁰F - +200⁰F.

Features & Benefits

  • Circular arch design provides high isolation for sensitive equipment
  • Compact, low profile isolators absorb heavy shock loads with minimum deflection – permitting use where space is at a premium
  • Three-plane, all-axes isolation enables vertical, horizontal and lateral movement
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and zinc-plated steel components withstand most environmental challenges
  • Spacer washers prevent the isolator coils from moving upward, under load, above the plane of the upper mounting disc


  • Power generation
  • Truck, bus and recreational vehicles
  • Shipping transports/containers
  • Railroad
  • Off-Highway construction equipment
  • Offshore
  • Commercial marine
  • Mining
  • Industrial machinery




The engineers we employ hold the highest industry-recognized credentials in structural analysis, elastomer development and system dynamics.


We are the first ISO accredited PCA ISO-17065, third-party certification body for special seismic certification of non-structural building components and their mounting configurations by the ICC’s International Accreditation Service.

Test & Measurement

We are the only ISO 17025:2005 Accredited Seismic Simulation Test Laboratory with a triaxial shake table owned and operated by California licensed Structural engineers.

Testing Services Update
DCL now offers Nuclear Qualification and Testing services.

In partnership with Greenberry Industrial, we now offer testing services that meet the requirements of ASME NQA-1.

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