Bloomingdale, NJ – VMC Group, a world leader in the production of spring, elastomeric, architectural mounts, wire rope isolators, curbs and bases for seismic, non-seismic, shock and bomb blast applications is pleased to announce the receipt of Factory Mutual (FM) Approval for its Seismic Sway Brace Components, the SB-125 and SB-250 brackets, as well as the SAB1-1 and SAB2-1 single arm braces. FM Approval is a global program providing third party certification based on objectively testing property loss prevention products and services and certifying those that meet rigorous loss prevention standards.

VMC Group’s new FM Approved products are listed under approval identification number 0003045511 and are shipped with the FM Approval Certification Marks in place, assuring engineers and installers that they have passed the rigorous testing required to obtain this coveted certification.

“We are extremely proud to participate in FM Global’s robust certification program. All VMC Group products are designed to meet the most stringent quality control standards. Earning FM Approval for our seismic sway brace components reinforces our commitment to quality and solidifies our position as an industry leader,” states John Wilson, Jr., CEO of VMC Group.

The SB-125 and SB-250 brackets accommodate all overhead or wall bracing of suspended pipe, duct and equipment or conduit when positively attached to building structures. The SAB1-1 and SAB2-1 brackets accommodate the bracing of rigidly supported pipe, duct, conduit, bus duct, cable tray or equipment to a building structure and are also OSHPD approved. These two-way, structure attached seismic sway brace components are intended to minimize the differential movement between the sprinkler system piping and the structure to which it is attached during an earthquake. They have been tested longitudinally/laterally at 30°-44°, 45°- 59° and 60° angles.

Each VMC Group product tested completed a total of 15 equal amplitude load cycles without breaking or exceeding the deformation limits. The load rating was determined for each product as a result of these tests. In order to meet the intent of the FM Global Standard, each component was examined on a model-by-model, type-by-type and plant-by-plant basis to ensure identical design and fabrication to the sample products tested.

Products submitted for certification by FM Approvals are required to demonstrate that they meet the intent of the Approval Standard, and that stringent quality assurance standards are followed by the manufacturer to ensure a consistently uniform and reliable product. Continuance of Approval is dependent upon VMC Group’s ongoing compliance with the FM Approval Agreement.

Located in Bloomingdale, NJ, VMC Group is comprised of four leading global brands that together represent the state-of-the-art in shock, vibration, seismic and noise control products. VMC Group works closely with customers to deliver the product and engineering solutions needed across a broad range of industries including HVAC, commercial construction, architecture, military, defense, aerospace, marine, vehicular, electronics and power generation. For more information on VMC Group products, please visit or call us at 800-569-8423 today.