Bloomingdale, NJ – July 27, 2007 – VMC Group, a world leader in innovative shock, seismic, vibration and noise control products, today announced that their Wire Rope division, Aeroflex International Isolators, has joined forces with IDC International, Inc. headquartered in Puerto Rico. A definite agreement was signed in June 2007 consummating the deal, which is phase one of a multi-phase agreement. This transaction, which is another key component of VMC Group’s strategy to deliver engineered solutions to its ever-growing global client base, positions VMC Group with an even larger market share of the wire rope isolator industry. With this expansion, VMC Group will be able to reunite with some of the original customer base of their Aeroflex International Isolators division and will offer a more extensive wire rope isolator product line. VMC Group will be relocating their wire rope manufacturing operations to Puerto Rico. The wire rope line will remain a key component of VMC Group’s product offering.

"We are pleased to have completed this transaction and be aligned with this particular group, IDC International, Inc.," said John Wilson, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, VMC Group. IDC International, Inc. is a leading company in the industry and IDC’s President, Johnny Ramos, is one of the pioneers of the Wire Rope industry. “After months of working closely together and having first-hand knowledge of IDC International’s operation, we are pleased that Mr. Ramos will remain as President of the Puerto Rico facility and join forces with VMC Group,” states Mr. Wilson.

Both entities will unite their wire rope sales and manufacturing operations. Combining and streamlining the manufacturing process will enable both entities to continue to deliver the product line in a cost-effective manner. “IDC International’s next generation of wire rope products will complement Aeroflex International Isolators’ 45-year history of quality wire rope isolators and enhance VMC Group’s current portfolio and position as a global leader in the industry,” states Mr. Ramos, President of IDC International. Mr. Wilson adds, “we are in an excellent position to serve our customers with the highest of standards.”

About VMC Group
Headquartered in Bloomingdale, NJ, VMC Group is comprised of four leading global brands that together represent the state of the art in shock, vibration, seismic and noise control. VMC Group works closely with their customers to deliver product and engineering solutions across a broad range of industries including HVAC, commercial construction, architecture, military, defense, aerospace, marine, vehicular, electronics and power generation. For more information on VMC Group, visit

Vibration Mountings & Controls has provided innovative vibration isolation products and solutions to the HVAC industry for over 65 years.

Aeroflex International Isolators has provided mission critical products and solutions to leading military, aerospace and defense companies for more than 35 years. Aeroflex International Isolators was the original patent holder of wire rope isolators for the shock and vibration industry.

Korfund Dynamics has provided cutting-edge products and solutions to global leaders in the industrial machinery, construction and power generation industries for over 100

Amber/Booth has provided quality products, outstanding customer care and excellent engineering services to the HVAC, defense, transportation and OEM
markets for over 60 years.

About IDC International
IDC International, Inc., located in Caguas, Puerto Rico, has over the past 25 years built over 1 million wire rope isolators for many defense applications. Additionally, IDC provides turnkey electromechanical and mechanical products and solutions including platforms and rail systems.

IDC International, Inc. is the premier manufacturer for shock and vibration wire rope isolation systems. IDC has the latest state of the art CNC equipment as well as inhouse processes to meet their customers’ expectations for quality, price and delivery schedules.