Bloomingdale, NJ – VMC Group, a world leader in innovative shock, seismic, vibration and noise control products, is pleased to announce the availability of their new, proprietary TELECURB® product. TELECURB® is the first and only seismic curb that telescopes to fit most manufacturers’ curb mounted equipment ranging in length from 65-7/8” to 96-7/8” and width from 37-1/4” to 49-7/8”, between 3 and 12 tons. TELECURB® is seismic/wind compliant, and is available in both isolated and non-isolated versions. Traditional curb mounted equipment installations require a specific size curb be installed. The curb is ordered to fit the exact specifications of the unit that will be mounted to it. If the curb is not an exact fit to the unit or if the pitch of the roof is not as anticipated, the curb must be returned and a new one ordered. If the distributor does not have the required curb in stock, the installation comes to a standstill until it can be delivered. This has delayed many projects over the years, costing installers valuable time and money.

Having identified this common installation challenge, VMC Group’s extensive engineering staff set out to develop a solution. “TELECURB® was conceived, then designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of our distributors and installation customers. The market spoke. We listened and reacted. TELECURB® will completely redefine curb mounted equipment installations, streamlining delivery and installation of curbs for ultimate onsite efficiency,” states John Wilson Jr., Chief Executive Officer of VMC Group.

At the core of VMC Group’s new TELECURB® product is their Adjust-To-Fit™ technology. It is this specialized technology that allows TELECURB® to be adjusted during field installation. Contractors can set the length and width of TELECURB® based on the specifications of the unit being installed, then adjust the height to accommodate the roof pitch. Once these adjustments are made, the curb mounted equipment is ready to be placed and secured to the TELECURB®.

For contractors with critical timing on an installation, TELECURB® can also be Made to Order (MTO). For MTO orders, TELECURB® is shipped from the factory or the distributor expanded to the specifications of the unit being installed, eliminating onsite expansion and adjustment to the curb mounted equipment. As with all VMC Group products, TELECURB® has been designed, engineered and built with quality in mind. TELECURB® meets or exceeds all International Building Code (IBC) requirements for wind, structural and seismic load paths; including being shake table tested to the maximum spectral design acceleration (SDS), per AC 156. It also meets the most stringent wind demands in the country including Dade County, Florida. TELECURB® is also National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) design compliant and works well with all roofing membrane types.

Due to the nature of the businesses where large curb mounted equipment is oftentimes installed, VMC Group made sound a critical consideration when engineering TELECURB®. A built-in, computer-designed Thermal Acoustical (TAS) control system attenuates heat and noise away from the unit, offering a more efficient, quieter, and user friendly system, making TELECURB® ideal for installations where noise is a concern such as schools, office buildings, libraries, hospitals, etc.

As with any business, warehouse space is at a premium for VMC Group distributors. TELECURB® can be ordered fully compacted, Made to Stock (MTS), to take up minimal warehouse space or shipped factory expanded ready for installation. Distributors can order the product in either of these two configurations based upon their available inventory space and their customers’ needs. Because TELECURB® can be ordered MTS, but accepts nearly any base unit between 3 and 12 tons, distributors will now be able to offer inventory on demand, rather than trying to forecast what size curbs their customers will need.

Located in Bloomingdale, NJ, VMC Group is comprised of four leading global brands that together represent the state-of-the-art in shock, vibration, seismic and noise control products. VMC Group works closely with customers to deliver the product and engineering solutions needed across a broad range of industries including HVAC, commercial construction, architecture, military, defense, aerospace, marine, vehicular, electronics and power generation. For more information on TELECURB® or other VMC Group products, please visit or call 800-569-8423.

TELECURB® is patent pending.