VMC Group the world leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation, seismic control, and shock protection products, expresses our sincerest gratitude to East West Bank, SBA, and the U.S. Government. With rapid response to funding the ongoing operation of businesses, these valued partners processed our paycheck loan application and funded our multi-million-dollar business loan in 28 business hours.  These extraordinary efforts are guaranteeing our continued operation during these unprecedented times.

With funding in place, our employees and customers continue to be our top priority. “It is hard to express the relief this has given our team and their families,” says Chairman and CEO John Wilson. “We will be able to provide paychecks regardless of what happens next in this war against COVID-19.”  East West Bank and SBA have ensured that we can keep our phenomenal employees working to provide the quality and attention to detail our customers have come to expect.

While the process of securing a loan during these trying times may seem daunting, East West Bank and the SBA streamlined the process. We encourage other organizations, who need support securing essential business funds, to seek out East West Bank expertise. Thank you to all who made this possible.

About VMC Group For over 10 decades, VMC Group has been recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection products. Its comprehensive product and engineering solutions cover a variety of industries – commercial construction, industrial/vehicular, OEM and military/aerospace. The company's full range of spring, elastomeric architectural mounts, wire rope isolators, curbs, and bases are proven to meet and exceed specifications for any seismic, non-seismic, shock, or even bomb blast applications. VMC Group is ISO Accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a Product Certification Agency (PCA-127), Third-Party Certification Body, establishing it as the first and only product-certifying agency for special seismic and wind certification of nonstructural building components and their mounting configurations.

VMC Group’s project managers and engineers are best known for working closely with customers to exceed their expectations in the design, development, and manufacturing of solutions for a specific application need. This philosophical approach is called The Power of Together™, and it defines the partnering relationship customers can expect when they work with the firm. VMC Group is in it with you. That’s why the company and each of its brands emerged as, and continue to be, world leaders.

For more information on VMC Group products or new product lines, please visit thevmcgroup.com, ibcapproval.com, vibrationmounts.com or shaketest.com, or call 800-569-8423.