NRC are elastomeric pad-type isolators that provide excellent high frequency sound attenuation in use directly under HVAC, power generation and electrical equipment. NRC Pads are effective in preventing shock and vibration transmissions in non-critical installations. 

NRC is made up of two layers of waffle embossed elastomeric  pads made from SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) with a 1/2" thick poro-elastic vibration absorptive pad bonded between them. Maximum pad size is 36 1/2" X 39" X 1" thick. Pads are available from stock in standard sizes up to 18" x 18" x 1" thick. Custom sizes are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Recommended loading of 5 - 60 psi
  • Deflection of pads up to 0.18"
  • Waffle-shaped elastomer offers exceptional gripping and prevents equipment from "walking" and provides superior vibration isolation. However, bolt options are available
  • The durable absorptive pad used as the middle layer is an improvement over the cork material used by others. Our material replaces cork which is both a natural resource and breaks down over time with our SBR compound


  • Air handling units
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Air compressors
  • HVAC equipment
  • Power generation
  • Electrical transformers
  • Motors




The engineers we employ hold the highest industry-recognized credentials in structural analysis, elastomer development and system dynamics.


We are the first ISO accredited PCA ISO-17065, third-party certification body for special seismic certification of non-structural building components and their mounting configurations by the ICC’s International Accreditation Service.

Test & Measurement

We are the only ISO 17025:2005 Accredited Seismic Simulation Test Laboratory with a triaxial shake table owned and operated by California licensed Structural engineers.

Testing Services Update
DCL now offers Nuclear Qualification and Testing services.

In partnership with Greenberry Industrial, we now offer testing services that meet the requirements of ASME NQA-1.

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